2016 Meetings

Meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month in Clubhouse 3 Dining room 2, 2 pm.

January 5, 2016  Consumer’s Guide to purchasing Hearing Aids

February 9, 2016 1. How to expand and maximize the use of your hearing aids.  Connecting directly to sound with telecoil.
2. Service dogs help people with hearing loss.  Sam Simon Foundation

March 8, 2016  Hearing vs Understanding – Improve Your Comprehension Today!
Presenter: Ann Mundell-Noel, M.A., Ultimate Hearing, Laguna Hills

April 12, 2016  Fire Safety for people with hearing loss.  Orange County Fire Authority

May 10, 2016 Traveling with Hearing Loss, Toni Barrient

June 14, 2016 Hearing Loss Types and Treatments.
Chris Hoffmann, M.S., M.A., AuD. HearX, Lake Forest

July 12, 2016  Ice Cream Social and visit from Oticon’ s manufacturer’s representative will discuss the next level of hearing aid processing.  Oticon Opn™ – a new kind of hearing instrument.

August 9, 2016  CaptionCall, California Telephone Access and  Hamilton Relay, Captioning phones, on the web and on your smartphone.

September 13, 2016  Ginger Stickney Ph.D. FAAA, Senior Audiologist.  Director of Cochlear Implant Services UCI Medical Center.

October 11, 2016 Brad Ingrao Au.D. Long Beach Veterans Center, Dept of Audiology

November 8, 2016  Surviving the holidays with hearing loss.  Dr. Ronald S. Reiter, Psychologist

December 13, 2016  The theme for our December meeting will focus on new assistive devices for people with hearing loss.

Mark your calendar in advance so you have the opportunity to schedule other appointments around our meetings. Pick up a calendar sticker at the next meeting to apply to your calendar as a reminder so you don’t schedule an appointment on that day.
You can also get a “Resident is hearing impaired” sticker to put on you door or window. It is an easy off sticker that can re-positioned without sticking.



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