Advanced Bionics

Advance Bionics’ Bionic Ear Association (BEA) was created to improve the quality of life of individuals with severe-to-profound hearing loss by providing valuable information, education, awareness, and guidance on cochlear implants. BEA hosts open houses where you can make new friends, learn about cochlear implants, get updates on new technology, and share your experiences.

Interested in meeting others with cochlear implants? Join us at one of our upcoming events here:  AdvancedBionicsEvents92637

2019AB Meets.

Download the flyer   2019 AB SoCal Events NEW

For upcoming events or to learn more about Advanced Bionics, email or visit and watch their webinars at this link.

Your Regional consumer specialist is Ali Eier, M.S.D.E.  Contact info below.

Advanced Bionics