Camille’s Story

Camille’s story begins……..


camile and ricco
January 2007 our beloved dog of 15 years passed away. I couldn’t even think about another dog for almost a year. When I did I decided I should get a dog that could help me “hear.” I really didn’t know much about hearing dogs, but my research led me to The Sam Simon Foundation. I completed an application and one of the trainers came to interview my husband and me. Then we waited……

Rico is believed to have been born in January of 2006. A year later The Sam Simon Foundation found him in poor health living in a shelter. They adopted him, nourished him and trained him to be a certified service dog. He came to live in his Forever Home with Camille and her husband, Drue on May 2, 2008.

Come meet Camille and her service dog Rico and find out if a hearing service dog is for you. Camille will answer questions like why you should consider a hearing service dog,  how a service dog can reduce your stress, how to get one, the application process and more about the Sam Simon foundation.