Chris Hoffmann, M.S., M.A., AuD. HearX, Lake Forest

June 14, 2016 Hearing Loss Types and Treatments.

Dr. Hoffmann will be discussing different types of hearing loss and audiological management of theses losses.  A thorough audiological evaluation by an audiologist along with the medical examination by an otologist or otolaryngologist are needed in many cases to determine the type of hearing loss and the most appropriate treatment.   Medical intervention should be considered first before hearing aids are recommended.  Re-evaluations of hearing and auditory function are necessary for all types of losses to identify factors that may cause changes to the auditory system. Thus, something that worked well at one time may not work at another time due to changes within the auditory system.  She hopes to educate club members so that they can become better advocates of their own hearing health.

Chris Hoffman

Dr. Chris Hoffmann is an audiologist at HearUSA/Hearx West in Lake Forest, CA.  She has been serving patients with hearing loss and their hearing assessment needs at HearUSA for the past 11 years.  Prior to her current position, she worked as a diagnostic audiologist specializing in balance and vestibular function testing.

She obtained her Doctor of Audiology degree in 2007 from University of Florida.  She also holds a Master of Arts in Communicative Disorder from Cal. State Long Beach and a Master of Science in Physiological Science from UCLA.  At UCLA, she focused her research in auditory physiology and it was at that time that she decided to become an audiologist and change her career focus to hearing health care.