How to prepare for club meetings

The Hearing Well Club provides CART (see glossary for definition) also referred to as captions and our meeting room has a hearing loop.  aka:  Induction loop.


With a hearing loop, you can hear what a speaker is saying directly to your hearing aids without headsets or earbuds.

To access sound from the loop those with hearing aids will need to turn on the t-coil program in their hearing aids.  T-coil= copper wire.  aka:  Telecoil


You might ask, why would I want to access sound in a loop?  The reason is because in the best of circumstances hearing aids pick up background noise and audio systems are often blaring with sounds bouncing around the room.  Overall this does not provide a satisfactory listening experience.   Even with the best audio system, you may find yourself working to hear and understand what you are hearing.  The hearing loop removes that layer of irritation of background noise and you can hear with great clarity and relax.

If you have t-coil equipped hearing aids and you can turn your t-coil on manually you are all set to enjoy hearing in the loop.

If you don’t know if you have t-coils (80% of hearing aids have a t-coil) please contact your hearing aid dispenser and ask “do I have a t-coil?”   If you do, make an appointment to see your dispenser and have your t-coil activated and learn how to switch manually to your t-coil program.

It may be helpful to take an instruction form to your dispenser that explains what it is you are requesting.  Download this form:  Taketoaudiologist_Card

Hearing loops are growing throughout the United States and can be found in many venues. Look for this sign like this in public


In Laguna Woods Village these places have been looped:  GRF Board Room,  Towers – Lortscher Hall,  Clubhouse 3 DR 2 & DR 1, Clubhouse 2 is looped.  Clubhouse Art Room is looped.  Laguna Woods Personal Computer Club Learning Center is looped.

Check this list of local venues in Orange County.   Orange County Looped Venues