January 2016 Meeting notes


Consumers Guide to Purchasing Hearing Aids
Advocate for Hearing Aid Coverage – Medicare
Personal Sound Amplification Products
Demoed: Pocket Talker 2 and Comfort Duett – Personal Amplifiers

Advocate for Hearing Aid Coverage
Sample letter
PSAPs  Personal Sound Amplification Products
Williams Sound Pocketalker 2
Comfort Audio Duett

I provided copies of the Consumer’s Guide to Hearing Aids at the meeting but I no longer have copies.

You can purchase a copy by calling the Hearing Loss Association of America.  


This 2016 guide (21st annual edition), color booklet illustrating the different styles of hearing aids and comparing different models and features. Illustrates the technology pyramid and hearing aid pricing.

  • More than 350 new hearing aids, pricing and specs (including features such as telecoils)
  • Explains about digital hearing aid technology and compares the differences
  • Why Fit & Go models delight wearers
  • How custom hearing aids are made today
  • Hearing aid shell styles
  • Reasons you hear better with two ears
  • Invisible hearing aid comparisons
  • Hearing aid battery basics
  • Explains what you should expect from your hearing aids
  • Provides a glossary and definitions so you understand hearing aid terminology
  • A must-have before you buy your next pair of hearing aids