Loops for Houses of Worship

Hearing Loops for Places of Worship

Hear just how powerful a loop system can be.  Dr. Sterkens’s recording made in a church dramatically demonstrates how much clearer speech is in the loop than out of the loop.

Click to hear the demos:  Without the loop     In the loop


Why Places of Worship need Hearing Loops

Churches, Mosques, Synagogues and other places of worship can provide particular listening challenges to individuals with hearing loss. High levels of reverberant sound in conjunction with background noise from sources such as air conditioning systems, nearby traffic and crowd sounds like coughing, whispering or rustling clothing can have a severely detrimental effect upon speech intelligibility, particularly in the absence of visual cues or contextual information. Although many places of worship use PA systems to ensure sound is loud enough throughout the venue, loud does not necessarily mean clear, particularly for individuals with hearing loss.

Best for Everyone

Loops in large venue such as a cathedral  (above)

Although other solutions, such as infra-red or radio frequency assertive listening devices can be effective, they also require maintenance between uses, can be bulky, conspicuous to wear, and are incompatible with cochlear implants and bone anchored hearing aids.  Conversely, Hearing Loops work discreetly with the listeners’ own hearing devices and therefore maintenance and operating costs are low. Users do not have the inconvenience of needing to borrow and return a device. They can receive a signal from the hearing loop optimized for their own pattern of hearing.

Easy Installation

Installation of a Hearing Loop in a place of worship is straightforward. In most cases, the signal from the existing sound system can be used as the audio source for the loop amplifier. The Hearing Loop itself can be fitted unobtrusively under the carpet, behind baseboards, or around the edge of the room or seating area. microphones are supplied to venues that do not have a sound system and loop receiver headsets are provided for individuals with hearing loss who would like to use the Hearing Loop but don’t wear hearing aids.

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How Hearing Now USA Can Help

Loop the congregation...

If you believe your place of worship would benefit from a Hearing Loop, Hearing Now USA would be happy to arrange a free on-site demonstration using a temporary loop during one of your events. Any and all areas of a place of worship can usually be looped to assist the entire membership with better hearing.

Loop the choir!

For more information or to arrange for a demonstration call 855.LOOP.NOW (855.566.7669) or email at info@HearingNowUSA.com