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10-13-2020  Surviving the Corona Virus Pandemic

Audiologists Ann Mundell-Noel, Amazing Hearing, Presenters

Power Point presentation:  HWC Presentation_How to Survive Pandemic 10.13.2020

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6-9-2020   Brain Hearing, Listening Effort, and Effective communication under challenging situations.

Audiologists Dr. David Majit and Dr. Chalese Buttars shared Oticon’s research and introduce “Ruby” their new essential line (with budget pricing in mind) of hearing aids and accessories.

6-9-2020 Oticon PowerPoint

Transcription:  Closed Captions

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 5-12-2020  Tinnitus

Michelle Kapolowicz, Ph.D., Presented on Tinnitus and as a researcher she addressed symptoms, causes, and treatments.  Michelle Kapolowicz Personal Bio

Dr. Kapolowicz is from UCI, Center for Hearing Research | Hearing and Speech Lab School of Medicine | Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery

Tinnitus PowerPoint Slides

Transcription: closed_captions

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10-8-2019  Hearing Loss and Dementia –  What is the connection?
Dr. Harrison Lin shares the latest in clinical studies and research.
Download his presentation– HearingLoss&Dementia10082019
Download the agenda  October 2019 Agenda handout
Download Medicare Update handouts from Ann Mundell-Noel  medicare update

9-10- 2019  It’s your hearing loss.  Resources for your best hearing.  Takeaways
9-10-2019 Android and iPhone Smartphone training.  Florence Sylvester Memorial Senior Center Smartphone Training Flyer

6-11-2019  Laguna Woods Foundation  Foundation Brochure
6-11-2019  Lip-reading instruction  FALL 2019 LIPREADING FLYER
6-11-2019  Learn “sign exact English SummerSignLanguage2pg

4-9-2019  Alerting devices for the hard of hearing, Guest speaker Katie Wright

Examples of Assistive Devices  Examples of ALDs

3-12-2019  Ototoxic Drugs can rob you of your hearing. Joni Doherty, M.D., Ph.D. of the Keck School of Medicine of USC

Ototoxicity presentation

3-12HearingWell Transcript

Check videos for the video of this meeting. 

10-25-2018  Beyond Hearing Aids/ Get in the Loop – Juliëtte Sterkens, AuD

Transcript #1 for missing captions on the video.  short transcript
10-25-2018HWC-1-Transcript 3 pages

Transcript #2 is the entire transcript for the meeting.  Entire meeting
10-25-2018HWC-Transcript 38 pages

Get in The Loop Presentation Slides Juliëtte SterkensAuD

InTheLoop  The David Myer’s Story

Buying Hearing Aids Wisconsin

Hearing Aid Buyers Guide

TV Sound Bar Ratings

Ask If you have telecoil form   Asking Your AuD About Telecoils 

How to Loop your Community Lopez-Caccavo



10-9-2018  Hearing Loss and Cognitive Decline

Laguna Woods Dementia Presentation 2018

Dr. Rose- Take-aways


1-9-2018    The Consumers Guide to Purchasing Hearing Aids



The Consumer_s Guide to purchasing Slides

part 2 slide

The Magazine provided can be purchased at the Hearing Loss Association of America Website or by Phone See details at




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