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February/March 2020 Links

San Clemente teen’s hearing loss tale shared in her new book

Finding the Person in Patient-Centered Care

Why I Go to Hearing Loss Conferences (and Why I Think You Should, Too)

The Key To Success With Hearing Loss — Whatever Works!

Download – Your Guide to Financial Assistance for Hearing Aids


January/February 2020 Links

Hearing Loss Association of America – California – Winter Edition

The Day My Hearing Aids Made Me Feel Like a Queen

The Talkies   For the first time in as long as I can remember, I’ve actually seen – and heard – many of this year’s Oscar-nominated movies. Including the ones in English.

Now Available Online Winter 2020 Issue of Hearing Health Magazine: 

Hearing Life e-news – the latest edition

December 2019 Links

BREAKING NEWS: House Passes Bill for Medicare Coverage of Hearing Aids

Living With Hearing Loss: Top Ten Posts of 2019

How To Improve Your Lipreading Skills Online

Hearing Loss: Sometimes You Just Have to Leave the Party

November 2019 Links

HLAA- Hearing Life November 21 Edition- check it out.

Even Mild or Slight Levels of Hearing Loss Linked to Mental Decline in Seniors

What to Know About Sudden Hearing Loss

Sudden Hearing is a Medical Emergency

HLAA – Hearing Life  November 7 Edition – Great articles

How To Cheat At Hearing

New Ida Institute Tool Helps People Better Understand Their Hearing Test Results

Hearing aids aren’t a sign I’m getting old; it means I’m staying connected

Why are real ear measurements not required on all new hearing aids sold?

ASHA, ADA and AAA Issue Joint Statement of Support for the Medicare Hearing Act of 2019

October 2019 Links

Will 2020 Be the Year Medicare Starts Covering Hearing Aids?

Dr. Cliff Weighs Hearing Aid Style Versus Substance

September 2019 Links

Hearing Loss Treatment Hope After New Genes Identified

Eleven strategies to improve sleep when you have tinnitus

Hearing aids linked to lower risk of dementia, depression and falls

Untreated Hearing Loss Linked To Loneliness And Isolation For Seniors

New Hearing Aid Apps Are Worth A Listen
download the article How to Wear BTE Hearing Aids and Glasses2

The Hearing Loss Californian- quarterly newsletter of  HLAA California.

8 Ways to Save Money on a Hearing Aid
How to lower your out-of-pocket costs for the life-altering devices

August 2019 Links

Identification by Ears (Published October 10, 2017)
These days any type of identification is beneficial. Forget fingerprints, retinal scans or the color of your eyes, and other markers of identity, security could soon be looking at the shape of your ears when deciding whether you are who you say you are.

July 2019 links

Assistive Listening Systems & Your Right to Hear by Stephen Frazier
Assistive Listening Systems & Your Right to Hear

What is a hearing aid telecoil and why would I want one?

Stop Trash-Talking Telecoils – Gael Hannan, The Better Consumer

How do I get water out of my ears?

Top 10 summer activities that are dangerous to your hearing:

Why you should never ignore sudden hearing  loss:

Joint Statement of Support for Medicare Audiologist Access and Services Act:

August 25, 2018   Guide to hearing aids

July 15, 2018, DOJ Rules for Movie Theater Captioning and Audio Description Take Effect

April 18, 2018, Why restaurants became so loud — and how to fight back

March/April 2018  “Hearing Life” Magazine – America Getting in the Loop

March 14, 2018  Audiology Patient Choice Act


Audiology Patient Choice Act3

May 16, 2016  Tipping Points: When I Knew Hearing Aids Weren’t Enough

May 15, 2016  Time for a hearing aid? Don’t forget the telecoils!

May 12, 2016  Everything You Think You Know About Hearing Loss.

May 2, 2016  Why me?

April 29, 2016 A Road Map For Those New To Hearing Loss

April 21, 2016  It may be later than you think

April 19, 2016 Lipreading Paradise

April 18, 2016  Easy Housecleaning Tips for Hard of Hearing People

April 12, 2016  Five Tips For Dating With Hearing Loss

March 14, 2016  Grumpy About Hearing Loss? Get Over It

March 10, 2016 How to Beat High Hearing Aid Prices

March 4, 2016 How do I tell people I have a hearing loss.

March 3, 2016  Untreated hearing loss can be linked to Dementia

February 23, 2016  Dining Out With Hearing Loss – An Architect Responds

February 22, 2016 What goes into the cost of hearing aids?

February 4, 2016  Should you insure your hearing aids?

February 2, 2016 How To Choose A Restaurant When You Have Hearing Loss

January 5, 2016 Wasting Time on Hearing Loss? 

December 29, 2015  Assisted Listening Devices 101

December 23, 2015   This Hearing Test can be taken over the phone  


November 19, 2015 Ten Tips for Tackling Thanksgiving with Hearing Loss.

October 31, 2015  Time To Clean The Wax Out Of The Hearing Aid Industry – Forbes

October 27, 2015 Invisible Hearing Aids’ Misguided Message

October 26, 2015 How hearing loss is different than losing your vision

October, 16, 2015 Troubleshooting common hearing aid problems

October, 16, 2015  Do You Know How to Find an Audiologist?

October 12, 2015  How to Bluff like a pro

October 5, 2015  3 reasons why poor hearing affects your memory

October 5, 2015   The Hurdles to Getting Hearing Aids

October 5, 2015  United States Department of Transportation (DOT) issued a ruling that requires closed captioning on all televisions in US airports that receive federal funding and experience at least 10,000 flights annually.

September 29, 2015  Listening Skills: The Eyes Have It!

Hamilton, InnoCaption, & Sprint Admit Failing to Properly Handle IP CTS 911 Calls

September 15, 2015   Add a Hearing Test to Your Heart-Healthy Lifestyle

September 10, 2015  Study shows seniors in denial about hearing loss

October 5, 2015  United States Department of Transportation (DOT) issued a ruling that requires closed captioning on all televisions in US airports that receive federal funding and experience at least 10,000 flights annually.

September 9, 2015  Noisy Restaurant? How to Hear Better

September 8, 2015   Could better hearing help your memory?

September 3, 2015    The InnoCaption team would like to express our gratitude for all the help from our dedicated users who have been helping us test, and from our local PSAP. We conducted more testing today which showed many of the issues we had initially uncovered have been fixed! We are anticipating having one more test day before informing the FCC we are ready for official testing.

September 2, 2015   Why Is This ‘Technological Godsend’ Still a Secret?

September 1, 2015   The Hearing Loss Association of America is requesting a meeting with CDC and White House officials to address why hearing loss was not included in a state-based assessment on the prevalence of disabilities among U.S. adults.

August 28, 2015  Rush Limbaugh Caller:
How Did It Really Feel to Go Deaf?

August 28, 2015  Wall Street Journal
A Technological Godsend to Counter Hearing Loss

June 12, 2015    Rep. Cartwright Re-Introduces Legislation to Provide Coverage of Audiology Services for Medicare Beneficiarie