PC Club Learning Center

The Personal Computer Club Learning Center has a hearing loop.

Learning Center

See what is a hearing loop and what is a telecoil for more information.

Hear just how powerful a loop system can be.  Dr. Sterkens’s recording made in a church dramatically demonstrates how much clearer speech is in the loop than out of the loop.

Click to hear the demos:  Without the loop     In the loop

What is a hearing loop?

To use a hearing loop is it important to have telecoil-equipped hearing aids.

Over 80 % of hearing aids have a telecoil.  Check with your hearing aid provider to see if you have one.  If you do ask to have it activated and programmed for use.   Learn to turn it on and off when you need it.   Download the request card Do I have a telecoil?

Click the link below to learn what a telecoil is:    What is a Telecoil?

For those who need hearing help in that room and don’t have hearing aids or a telecoil, check out an assistive listening device (loop listener) from the instructor.