Telecoil Legislation AB 1950

AB 1950 Update:  NOT Passed – Vetoed by the Governor

Bill History

2-12-2016 – AB 1950 presented on the Assembly floor

Moved to the Business and professionals committee –

4-19-2016 Toni Barrient testified to the Business and professionals committee – 3 persons in opposition. Voted and passed


Moved to Assembly  appropriations committee – passed


Moved to Assembly appropriations – passed


Moved to the State Senate – Business and professional committee


6-27-2016 Debra Rogers testified to the Business and professionals committee

Voted and passed


Moved to Senate Appropriations committee – Suspended – over $150,000


Moved to the Governor office.

8-9-2016 Conference call with the Governor’s office

8-12-2016 Not signed= Vetoed due to budget constraints.



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AB 1950 Telecoil Legislation

Problem:  Current surveys show that hearing aid wearers are not being told about the purpose and value of telecoils in hearing aids. Hearing aid buyers are not being offered a choice about telecoils and if they have them, they are not aware of the many uses. Considering the thousands of dollars spent purchasing hearing aids, we feel audiologists and hearing aids dispensers should inform their hearing aid buyers about the availability of this universal and versatile feature.

Solution:  On Friday, Feb. 12, 2016, Assembly Member Brian Maienschein (pronounced MAINE-SHINE) introduced a bill, AB 1950 which, would make it “unlawful for a licensed hearing aid dispenser to fit or sell a hearing aid unless first informing the purchaser of an audio switch, which may be referred to as a telecoil, t-coil, or t-switch, that increases access to a telephone and provides noninvasive access to assistive listening systems that are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.”

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There are currently five states which have passed telecoil legislation. As of Feb. 18, 2016, New Mexico is waiting for the governor to sign their bill; that will make six. California can be next!


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Attn: Brandon Marchy, Legislative Aide
State Capitol
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Sacramento, CA 94249
916-319-2177 fax

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Let’s add California to the list of states which are working to make life more accessible for people with hearing loss. Thank you to everyone who has helped to make this happen!

Bill Sponsors:   Roger That Consulting, Debra Rogers (

                             Hearing Well Club, Toni Barrient (