Video call etiquette and general tips

Video call etiquette

  • Before joining the meeting, turn off all background noise like TV and Radio.
  • Check your lighting.  Turn on lamps,  It helps to see your face.
  • Learn to mute your microphone so if you sneeze, cough or your dog barks you can mute the microphone.
  • Center your face in your video.  It helps to lipread when we can see your whole face.
  • If you are using a phone or tablet, find a way to prop it up so you are not holding it throughout the meeting.

General tips

The zoom meeting room is only open when scheduled.  Meeting IDs and passwords are never reused.  Each meeting will have a unique Meeting ID and Password.

Join a learning session when I schedule them to learn all the features that make Zoom meetings fun.  If I don’t have one scheduled, email me and I will set one up for you.

On a Mac, Google Chrome works best.  I have found Safari to be troublesome on some computers.  See instructions here:

How to Download and Install Google Chrome On Mac OS X


How to Download Chrome on Mac

This webpage is a work in progress and will be updated frequently.

Zoom security

The Hearing Well Club Zoom meetings have been made secure by randomly changing the Meeting ID number and passwords making it difficult for uninvited guests to enter the meeting room.  When you “join the meeting” you will find your self in a waiting room waiting for the host to let you in.  The host can see who is in the waiting room and admit them in.  It is important you identify your self by name.  The first name is fine.  Anybody not providing a recognizable name will not be admitted into the room.

Meeting information will not be published on the website.  Look for meeting information on an email.

Toni  4-2-2020